Crash Course Cultureel Ondernemerschap

Crash Course Cultureel Ondernemerschap voor leidinggevenden van kleine culturele instellingen en zelfstandig ondernemers (ZZP'ers) in de cultuursector. Voorjaar 2018.

Atanezen in besturen

Overzicht van recente matches van atanazen in besturen, raden van toezicht en adviesfuncties.

7 Aanbevelingen Diversiteit aan de Top Kabinetsformatie

Geen enkel partijprogramma bevat een aanpak die de doorbraak zal veroorzaken waar Nederland op zit te wachten. Hier zijn onze aanbevelingen.

Welcome to atana


The atana program, as organized by binoq, comprises the recruitment and training of new board members for cultural institutions and non-profit institutions, in close cooperation with those organizations. Atana focuses on people with a double cultural background; people who are at home in the Netherlands, but are also rooted in one of the many other cultures situated in this country. People with skills that are needed in boards, such as knowledge of finance, law, marketing & communication, management, and arts and the networks that come along with relevant working experience. People who are motivated to become part of the machinery that keeps a cultural institution in good shape. In order to come to these people, an intensive selection process precedes admittance to the training program.

The complete atana training program consists of three modules: facts and background information on the Dutch cultural field, several case studies, and, finally, visits to two large cultural institutions. Due to financial support from the government, the training is nearly free of charge.

As the program has been running since the year 2000, over time atana has become a network of active board members, representatives of cultural institutions and other players in the field. Atana organizes meetings for the entire network on a quarterly basis, at the Amsterdam art society Arti et Amicitiae.